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Luxury Lard Soap

Luxury Lard Soap

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Large 5-6 oz bar

Our truly lovable Luxury Lard blend is now available as a bar soap! This traditional fat based cleanser is elevated with creamy cocoa butter and divinely scented with antioxidant-rich coffee. Each bar is handcrafted with love! Available with or without exfoliating coffee grounds. 

Pure ingredients: Lard, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, coffee, coffee grounds, lye*

*lye is needed to saponify the oils, which are then cured for an extended time so that no lye is in the final product.

The Star Ingredients

Lard is not limited to the kitchen! This traditional fat is very similar in make up to our skin, which makes it very gentle and readily absorbed. It is wonderful as an oil-cleanser or a deep moisturizer, locking in hydration that continues to nourishes the skin. 

Lard is known to:

* Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
* High amount of Vitamin D boosts collagen production
* Tone and firm for a more youthful look
* Even out color and reduce redness associated with rosacea
* Reduce dryness associated with conditions like eczema (or winter weather)
* Even out texture for a smoother, softer feel
* Heal acne
* Reduce the appearance of pores

Coffee has powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing properties. The caffeine in coffee grounds and oil boosts microcirculation of the blood, which aids in overall skin health.

- Rich in antioxidants, including Vitamin E
- Anti-inflammatory properties balance, tone, firm, and heal the skin
- Caffeine dilates blood vessels, which soothes the skin and temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite
- Unique UVB filtering properties
- Anti-aging; combats discoloration and wrinkles
- Beneficial and healing for acne, eczema, and rosacea

Olive oil is a non-comedogenic oil, great for the oil cleansing method, which is a natural method of removing dirt and oils from the skin. It is a humectant, working to draw in and hold moisture in the skin's barrier.

Cocoa Butter is naturally high in fatty acids. This creates a protective barrier that holds in moisture, improves elasticity, and prevents your skin from drying. In addition, it's high in antioxidants that repair and protect against free radical damage. It makes a wonderfully nourishing addition to your skincare routine! 

Castor oil has antibacterial properties, and helps to reduce puffiness, fine lines, and dryness. 

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