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Wild Foods

Wild Foods Wild Turmeric & Ginger Extract Tincture

Wild Foods Wild Turmeric & Ginger Extract Tincture

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2fl oz

This powerhouse tincture contains 200mg of organic turmeric, a key ingredient in helping the body’s natural response to inflammation and promoting mobility while also helping to ease joint pain.

Benefits of Turmeric

  • Natural anti-inflammatory powerhouse
  • Can increase the body's capacity for antioxidants; protects against free radicals
  • May be effective in delaying or even reversing many brain diseases
  • May lower risk of heart disease
  • Can work as a cancer-preventative
  • Studies show that Alzheimer's patients respond well to it, due to anti-inflammatory properties 

Benefits of Ginger

  • Can improve digestion, emptying the stomach faster
  • Helps to boost immunity
  • Can alleviate PMS symptoms and ease menstrual pain
  • Natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent
  • High in antioxidants that improve the skin and aid overall health
  • Helps to control insulin levels and boost metabolism
  • Aids in workout recovery
  • Supports healthy brain function
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Customer Reviews

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Danielle Smythe
Great Supplement for Inflammation

I have several autoimmune conditions and I’ve been using this daily for about a month now. I’ve been picking up colds left and right, and I truthfully think this in particular helped me kick this last one so much more effectively without flaring too badly! Also love the taste and formulation. Only thing I’d say is the dropper is a little “drippy” so careful when you’re using since Tumeric is staining! Haha! HIGHLY recommend. :)