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ION* Gut Support For Pets

ION* Gut Support For Pets

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Support head-to-tail health for your fuzzier family members! ION* Gut Support For Pets is an amazing mineral supplement to your pet's diet for improved digestion, better immunity, and increased vitality. This innovative fulvate formula diversifies the microbiome and strengthens the gut lining, defending against environmental toxins while improving nutrient absorption. 

What makes ION* Pets different than ION* for humans?

The addition of silicon makes this blend optimal for dogs and cats, supporting increased collagen production for skin, hair, and bone health as well as supporting more graceful aging. 

Usage: In an easy-to-use liquid formula, add ION* to your pet’s water bowl or straight up, by using a syringe, administering gradually via the corner of the mouth. Pets can drink ION* Gut Support For Pets before, during, or after a meal. If you feed twice daily, you can split the following doses in half and provide twice daily.

Daily Dosage by Weight:

<20 lbs: 1 tsp (5 ml) daily
21 lbs to 100 lbs: 2 tsp (10 ml) daily
>101 lbs: 1 Tbsp (15 ml) daily


Why We Love It

Supports Kidney Function

The lining of the kidney can be damaged by food toxins, herbicides, and pesticides (much like the lining of the gut), ION* is proven to strengthen RPTs (Renal Proximal Tubules), the important barrier cells of the kidney that help not only to filter but act as a barrier between blood and waste products.

Supports Digestion

Going beyond the function of probiotics, ION* seals cells in the gut lining to strengthen the terrain upon which the microbiome can diversify and thrive. Ancient soil-derived fulvate helps tight junctions to keep toxins out while improving nutrient absorption and hydration. With tight junctions intact and a strong gut lining, ION* helps to reduce gas and bloating while supporting optimal digestion

Supports Vitality 

Humic extract from ancient soil (rich in beneficial bacterial metabolites) is at the heart of ION* Gut Support For Pets. By reawakening ancient soil carbons frozen in time, we reconnect your pet with their inherent vitality. 

Supports Immune Health

When the gut can function as it was created to, there’s a cascading positive effect for the rest of your pet’s body. Tighter cellular junctions mean a better terrain for the microbiome to diversify, meaning a better environment to support good gut bacteria, and more good gut bacteria mean better immune response. A stronger gut also means less toxins and inflammatory particles getting through that can spark an immune response. A strong gut lets the good stuff in and keeps the bad stuff out. 

Three Powerful Ingredients

Humic Extract (Fulvate)

ION* humic extract is US-sourced from ancient soil and contains a blend of bacterial metabolites (fulvate) as well as less than 1% of a variety of trace minerals and amino acids.

Fulvate is a unique family of carbon molecules with oxygen-binding sites that are produced by bacteria when they digest nutrients. These molecules are the backbone of the ION* blend, standing apart from fulvic acids in an alkaline state. By keeping fulvate in its natural state, ION* better facilitates electron transfer, helping with critical functions like nutrient absorption, chelation of metals, and tight junction integrity.


Supports collagen production as well as skin and bone health.

Purified Water

No chlorine. No chemicals. Just the finest purified water to support a healthy and thriving you.

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