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Urban Farm Collection

Milk + Pearl Dust | Urban Farm Collection

Milk + Pearl Dust | Urban Farm Collection

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Gentle exfoliating mask

Pure, farm fresh milk inspires us. Right from the cow; not from the shelves. Its nourishing qualities know no end, for our bodies and our skin. So we got to imagining. We pictured a pearly-dew-drenched country morning; rising with the dawn to fill those milk pails. Then we put that morning in a bottle. There's nothing else quite like it (yet!), and we're thrilled to forge the path and share it with you. 

Milk + Pearl dust is made to bring your skin the dreamiest hydration and gentle exfoliation for an iridescent glow. It starts with vitamin-rich, fresh milk for your freshest face. Then comes mesmerizing pearl powder to buff, brighten, and illuminate. The cherry on top? Probiotic-filled yogurt, to balance bacteria + cool. 

Milk + Pearl is amazing for...

→ Smoothing out dullness or unevenness 

→ Soothing acne and inflammation-prone skin

→ Calming eczema and psoriasis 

→ Helping to fade dark spots and fine lines

→ Gently exfoliating dead skin cells away for a glowy complexion 

→ Balancing the microbiome and offering your skin more resilience 

→ Making your skin silky-soft to the touch


Why We Love It

Farm Fresh Milk | exfoliating, nourishing, moisturizing

Pearl Powder | illuminating, exfoliating, lightening

Organic Whole Yogurt | balancing, probiotic-rich, anti-inflammatory 

Milk + Pearl Dust is rich in B-vitamins and exfoliating compounds to renew and transform your complexion. Our signature, farm-fresh milk is deeply nourishing your skin cells and offers long-lasting moisture for all-day every-day softness and glow. Rich in fats, fresh milk leaves the skin with a silky-soft feeling we adore.

One of the key components of fresh milk is its lactic acid. Skincare brands bottle up lactic acid on its own for its amazing benefits! This gentle exfoliant works to remove dead skin cells, fade dark spots, soften fine lines, all while evening the skin tone and reducing dullness.

Shimmering pearl dust buffs and brightens, helping to lighten dark spots and even out the skin tone. Whole organic yogurt is chock-full of probiotics to balance out your skin's microbiome and fight off unhelpful acne-causing bacteria and fungal issues. 


What Makes Milk + Pearl Dust Different?

Milk skincare isn't new, but this mask is! Most milk-based skincare on the market is 99% water, and heavily laden with preservatives. With those products, the amount of nourishing "milk" power you're getting is slim to none. We wanted to change that. By using the freeze-drying method, we were able to make a uniquely preservative-free product that will last on the shelves. Farm fresh milk goes straight from the cow to the freeze-dryer, so your skin gets all the nourishment. No dilution; just pure milk! 

Using Milk + Pearl Dust 

A unique mask, with many unique uses! Here are some ways you can incorporate Milk + Pearl Dust into your routine so you can start glowing. No matter what: take care to keep moisture out of the jar, to avoid spoilage. We recommend completely closing the jar, and avoiding putting wet hands or tools into the mask. Keep it dry, and it'll last ya ages! 

As an exfoliating cleanser: Put a generous pinch in your hand and follow with oil based cleanser. Massage + scrub gently to cleanse away dirt and exfoliate. Rinse away with a warm rag.

Use with a wet face: Starting with a wet face, put a pinch of Milk + Pearl into your hand and start applying to your face. The moisture on your skin will rehydrate the mask. Once it's smoothed across your complexion, follow with your favorite serum to seal in moisture. Can be worn for a few minutes and then rinsed away with a warm rag, or can be worn as overnight for deeper nourishment.

Use as a paste: Place a generous pinch of Milk + Pearl into your hand or a bowl. Rehydrate the mask with a few drops of water or your favorite hydrosol (such as rosewater). A milky, yogurt-like mixture will come together as you mix or stir. Apply to your face and allow to dry. Rinse away after a few minutes, or follow it up with your favorite serum to lock in those nutrients. Can be worn anywhere from a few minutes to overnight for deeper nourishment.

Ingredients: Farm fresh milk*, hydrolyzed pearl powder, organic whole yogurt*
(*denotes freeze-dried ingredient)

Keep the jar free of moisture to prevent re-hydration and spoilage. 

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