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SiberianGreen Shilajit Dry Drops

SiberianGreen Shilajit Dry Drops

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60 count (200mg per tablet)

Shilajit is a complete trace mineral source, containing more than 84 carbon-bonded organic minerals that are absorbed easily by the body. This ancient adaptogen is renowned for its powerful whole-body impact. Increased vitality, hormonal balance, and improved brain function only scratch the surface of what this amazing mountain tonic can offer. Harvested at high altitudes from the Altai mountains in Siberia, each dry drop is made up of one thing: potent, compacted, pure shilajit. 

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a tar-like, resinous substance found in the caves and crevices of very high mountain slopes throughout India, China, Russia, Central Asia, Iran and a few other Arabian countries. The native people of these regions are well acquainted with Shilajit, and it has been highly revered in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. As mountains arose, lush forests decomposed and compacted. Overtime, this compaction created Shilajit. Part mineral and part organic material, shilajit is known as an herbomineral. 

When the sun warms the surface of these high mountain boulders, shilajit is released and begins to seep out of the rocks. It is said that ancient peoples saw monkeys making pilgrimages to the tops of mountains to retrieve a dark substance that improved their overall health and stamina. Soon, humans began to follow suit. Shilajit is rich in fulvic acid, antioxidants, and a whole host of trace minerals that are all but missing from our modern diet. 

Where was this shilajit harvested?

Siberian Green Shilajit tablets are a pure form of shilajit from the Altai Golden Mountains of Siberia. During the summer months, shilajit is naturally secreted from the high elevation mountains in the form of a tar. Altai mountain shilajit is considered to be cleaner and contain fewer impurities than shilajit gathered from other regions.

Benefits of Shilajit: 

  • High in fulvic acid, which aids and greatly improves nutrient absorption 
  • Shows possible Neuroprotective properties
  • May help with hormonal balance
  • May improve exercise performance and muscular strength
  • May improve ovulatory function in women
  • Improves mitochondrial function and oxygenation, which can boost energy and vitality
  • Can help alleviates pain response
  • Powerful antioxidant; which can help protect body systems from radiation damage
  • Has shown to have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties
  • May benefit the function and regeneration of skeletal muscle
  • Some clinical trials have demonstrated its ability to boost collagen production

Studies on shilajit:

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