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Finally! A high quality tallow based make up that doesn't feel greasy, has big and bold color, is long lasting, and totally CLEAN ingredients! Every ingredient in these color sticks is intentionally chosen to be deeply nourishing for your skin. Make up CAN serve its purpose of adding color and youthful glow all the while nourishing and healing your skin. These colors are bold and beautiful and the perfect way to safely add a natural and beautiful pop of color to your face. 

Accentuate your natural beauty while protecting your hormones... no endocrine disrupters found in these beautiful color tubes. The bold and beautiful colors come in an eco-friendly push up tube for easy application. Your lips and cheeks are going to thank you because they will feel and look amazing. 

Natural butters soften in heat. Store in a cool, dry place. Summer heat reminder: Don’t leave tallow and natural butters in your vehicle during hot weather. If it arrives melty or is accidentally left in a warm spot, simply pop your tube in the freezer for 15 minutes BEFORE you open the lid.

AURORA is a shimmery apricot colored solid that acts as a dewy highlighter. It is a more universal highlighter that brightens fair complexions and adds a subtle glow to darker skin tones.

PETAL is a feminine, shimmery floral pink. Petal is soft and subtle, and wears beautifully on cooler skin tones.

GLINT is a universal beige bronzer COMING IN JULY 2024!

ILLUME  is a warm, golden bronzer that can be used to brighten, enliven and contour the complexion. Illume can also be used as a creamy eyeshadow glow.

GLEAM is a coppery bronzer that can be used to give a sun kissed glow anywhere on the face or body. Lighter skin tones will love the contrast it provides, while medium to dark skin tones will love how it picks up on warm undertones.

ORACLE is a reddish brown bronzer/contour for warmer completions. It looks gorgeous on olive and darker skin tones. Oracle can also be enjoyed as a contour color, and a creamy eyeshadow.

BARE is a neutral nude with a barely there hue for eyes, lips & cheeks-and it’s so good! 

CLAY is a beautiful warm neutral tone that has a terra-cotta hue, and compliments fair skinned freckles to warm darker skin tones. It can be worn on the eyes, lips & cheeks for a warming aura.

CLARION is a matte, orangish warm red. It looks brilliant on complexions with more yellow undertones, and demands confidence and class.

CARDINAL is a pinkish red, marvelous for cooler skin tones. It makes green eyes pop and blonde hair with fair skin glow.

REIGN carries a reddish mauve hue. It is a neutral shade, and it looks really beautiful on most every skin tone. If you like a more natural lip, then REIGN will be your go to.

MERRYMAKE is a fun & vibrant reddish magenta that is gorgeous on cooler skin tones.

SUPERBLOOM is a matte, plum solid that give cool complextions a highly contrasted look, while giving medium, dark and olive skin tones a warm, glamorous feel.

Ingredients: Grass-fed, grass-finished tallow, organic beeswax, raw, unrefined cocoa butter, raw, unrefined shea butter, raw, unrefined mango butter, raw, unrefined kokum butter, cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil, kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, organic castor oil (hexane free), therapeutic rosemary essential oil, grapefruit seed extract, ethically-sourced mica pigment.


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