Welcome to our farm shop!

Liz here. Let me tell you a little bit about us.

We are a small business collective, providing nourishing home, health, and beauty products at affordable prices. Our family has been on a journey of natural living for over a decade now, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Our passion for holistic living started when our first child was born and has been growing steadily ever since. 10 years ago, when we were still living in Australia, my husband started studying agriculture because we knew we wanted to get closer to the production of our food. It's been a wild journey full of ups and downs and many years of hard work, but we are finally starting to fulfill our dream of homesteading, homeschooling, and running a family home business. We are so grateful you are here!

The Urban Farm Collection is the culmination of our passion for wellness, and our desire to clue you in to the products and businesses we love and trust.

 It’s tough to find real, quality stuff these days. Our shop is a place where you won’t have to scratch your head and wonder about the ingredients or their sources. Any product we sell is a product we 100% believe in and trust. We hope that our well-loved staples can become yours, too.

What we focus on:


The health industry is a huge business, and we are constantly bombarded with new fads and marketing strategies. The packaging may look wholesome, but the actual products are often toxic. Sifting through all the noise is so time-consuming. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of natural living. We’ve spent many hours scouring and scrutinizing hundreds of health, home, and beauty products so you don’t have to. At Urban Farm Collection, the standard is high: we only promote products that we trust to use in our own family. No compromises! 

Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of a booming economy. The past few years have absolutely crushed many small businesses, giving more money and buying power to the large corporations. We’re fighting back by promoting and selling products from small, worthy companies who work hard to provide truly quality goods. Shopping small fuels dreams, supports families, and keeps our money in the hands of those working for it.


Health products can be expensive, and natural living often seems to come with a large price tag. Our goal is to gather the best products we can, and sell them at down-to-earth prices that the average family can afford. No crazy mark-ups, giant marketing campaigns, or bells and whistles. Just quality, trustworthy goods