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Wild Foods

100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein, Cold Processed, Non-Denatured - 1.3lb

100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein, Cold Processed, Non-Denatured - 1.3lb

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1.3lb bag of quality whey protein. 

This is as close to raw as it gets. Wild Whey is a cold processed, non-denatured native whey protein made from just one ingredient: the grass-fed milk of happy cows that graze year-round on organic pasture. This whey is made from gently pasteurized whole milk, rather than from whey that is a byproduct (waste) of the cheese-making process. Each scoop contains 16g of high quality, great tasting protein. 

We love this protein powder because it's gently pasteurized at the lowest minimum temperature allowed by law and immediately air-cooled to maintain as much beneficial nutrition as possible. Wild Whey has a complete amino acid profile, and it's the best option we've found.

What you get is a creamy powder with a pleasant milky aroma. It tastes great by itself in water, and even better in a smoothie, shake, or coffee. 

Wild Whey is never subject to irradiation, micro-filtration, ion exchange, or acid treatment. It is biologically active and absorbable, because it is a natural, minimally processed, and responsibly sourced food. The milk used to make this whey comes from family dairy farms in Australia. The powder is then manufactured here in the USA. We hope you enjoy!

Gluten Free. Free of added hormones, heavy metals, pesticides, antibiotics, fillers. 

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