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Zefiro Dry Brush

Zefiro Dry Brush

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For exfoliation, circulation, and a healthy glow! This dry/wet brush is slightly abrasive, really helping to scrub off excess dry skin. Benefits of dry brushes include helping to firm up skin, getting rid of dry skin flakes and helping to increase the circulation of your blood flow, adding glow to your skin. This brush is made from FSC certified beechwood from Germany and natural sisal bristles. 

Sisal bristles are ideal for dry-brushing because they are non-irritating to the majority of skin types compared to brushes with synthetic bristles or even other plant-based bristles.

This brush is compostable! (Simply remove the two pins.)

Benefits of Dry Brushing

  • Helps promote healthy lymphatic function 
  • Skin firming
  • Exfoliates the skin to remove dead and dry cells
  • Stimulates blood circulation and tissue regeneration
  • Directs and increases lymphatic flow, promoting faster removal of excess interstitial fluid
  • Reduces swelling and water retention
  • Promotes body and mental relaxation
  • Improves the immune system due to the important elimination of toxins

How to dry brush

1. The best time to dry brush is before the shower. Ensure your skin and your brush are completely dry.

2. Begin to brush starting at your ankle and moving up toward the heart in long, circular motions. Apply medium pressure—you want your strokes to be firm enough to effectively help with exfoliation, circulation, and drainage, but not abrasive to your skin.

3. Repeat throughout the body, always starting furthest from the heart and moving in toward the heart. Take your time, giving yourself space to relax and be rejuvenated. 

4. Proceed with your normal showering routine!

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Customer Reviews

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Okay wow it took me a long time to hop on the dry brushing train but this is exactly what my skin needed. It really does get your blood flowing and helps exfoliate parts of your skin you may usually leave out. Definitely getting the face brush next.