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Earthley Good Night Magnesium Lotion

Earthley Good Night Magnesium Lotion

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4 oz jar

Magnesium performs over 300 essential functions in the body. There are many great magnesium supplements out there, but the simple truth is that it's best absorbed through the skin. Enter, Good Night Lotion. This formula is amazing for adults or kids going through a restless season, those feeling drained or depleted, and those who just want to support overall health. Available in Blue Bliss (lavender, sandalwood, and blue tansy essential oils) or essential-oil free.

Why Apply a Topical Magnesium?

An essential part of our body's functioning, magnesium is crucial for stress regulation, sleep health, digestion, immunity, and hormonal balance. This mineral supports healthy sleep, natural detox, healthy blood sugar levels, and gut health. Many people are deficient, due to gaps in our diets and the increasingly mineral-depleted soil. This lotion is a blend of pure magnesium chloride with nourishing oils and butters that moisturize your skin while the magnesium absorbs quickly.  The result is healthy skin and a healthy body!

Why We Love It

Earthley's amazing wind-down lotion is formulated by an herbalist and mother of 6 and trusted by thousands of happy customers, Good Night Lotion is safe for the whole family.  Made with the cleanest, most recognizable ingredients, like apricot oil, mango butter, and plant-based candelilla wax, with no compromises.

Enjoy the benefits of magnesium immediately, in an easy-to-use lotion — 100 mg magnesium per teaspoon!  Choose sensitive (no essential oil), or limited-edition Blue Bliss (lavender, sandalwood, and blue tansy essential oils).

ABSOLUTELY NO parabens, phthalates, fragrance, preservatives, allergens (corn, soy, gluten, dairy, nuts)

**Third-party lab tested FREE of heavy metals**


Original Lavender: Apricot oil*, Shea butter*, Mango butter*, Magnesium chloride flakes, Candelilla wax, Lavender essential oil, Filtered water

Sensitive (Essential oil free): Apricot oil*, Shea butter*, Mango butter*, Magnesium chloride flakes, Candelilla wax, Filtered water

Blue Bliss: Apricot oil*, Shea butter*, Mango butter*, Magnesium chloride flakes, Candelilla wax, Blue tansy essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Sandalwood essential oil, Filtered water

*denotes organic ingredient

100 mg of magnesium per 1 tsp of lotion.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sydney Meek
Kids bedtime staple

My kids can’t go to bed without me rubbing this magnesium lotion on their backs. Plus the smell is great! It does wonders for pregnancy back pain and any muscle cramps too.

Muscle Tension Solution

My 8 year old son has always struggled with high tone and spasticity. Some nights, his muscles were so tight that it would wake him painfully from a sound sleep. We started massaging this onto his legs and back each night before bed, and it makes a HUGE difference for him. We even will rub some on either of our boys tummies when they are a little constipated, and it solves that problem too! Both our boys have fairly sensitive skin, but we purchase the lavender one and have not had any negative reactions.

Kylee F.
A must have!

Earthley Wellness Good Night Lotion (Sensitive -Unscented) is a must have for everyone in your family! I have suffered from restless legs ever since my pregnancy with my son. Upon discovering this miracle ointment, bye bye restless legs, Hello to a good night sleep. Works for littles in the family as well! Urban Farms small family business delivers BIG when it comes to carrying everything that you will need for your household and family!

Goodnight lotion

I am liking the product a lot. It seems to help my legs at night.