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Vellum Street

Vellum Street Fat Marshmallow Tallow Soap

Vellum Street Fat Marshmallow Tallow Soap

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One full size, 4oz bar of pure goodness.

The soapy counterpart to the dearly-loved Fat Marshmallow tallow whip. This divinely-scented and essential-oil free tallow soap is an absolute must-try. Smells SO good. "The soap you wish your mouth got washed out with!" 

Tallow makes the perfect soap. Pure and simple. Gentle enough for the skin, effective enough to wash dirt and grime away, non-comedogenic, and ultra moisturizing. But tallow doesn't JUST clean the dirt away, it also deeply nourishes the skin! Some of the very earliest soaps were animal-fat-based, and it's clear to see why.

From babies to grandmas, these tallow soaps are for everyone, and they're made consciously and sustainably from the tallow of pastured, healthy, happy cows. Inside and out, quality matters. Whether your skin is dry, oily, acne-prone, aging... tallow is great for every skin type!

Ingredients: Biocompatable grass fed tallow, infused with real vanilla bean and marshmallow root, with a touch of honey and arrow root. That's it! 

"Why tallow?"

The fatty acids in tallow are much closer in molecular structure to the oils our own skin produces than the more commonly used plant oils. Tallow is is extremely rich in the same kinds of lipids present in youthful, vibrant skin. Being chock full of vitamins A, D, E, & K doesn't hurt either!

"What about acne prone skin?"

Tallow is a God-send for many people with acne-prone skin or eczema. The nourishing, vitamin rich, and gentle qualities of tallow are very healing and calming, helping to moisturize and restore natural balance. Everybody's skin is different, but tallow gets rave reviews for a reason! 

Brand Story: Vellum Street was founded by Melissa Torre, who after battling a misdiagnosed autoimmune disease for decades, trying all conventional medicine had to offer, began to realize the connection between disease and our toxic food and personal care products. Melissa became a chef focused on both nutrition and food sustainability. She competed in shows like Cupcake Wars and Chopped, while owning her own organic and sustainably minded bakery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While she poured her heart and soul into her bakery, her body was suffering from skin conditions and chronic joint and nerve pain from daily exposure to wheat. For the sake of her health, she closed her bakery and began experimenting with skincare to treat the eczema, psoriasis and hives brought on by her autoimmune condition.... and Vellum Street was born! Melissa puts the same chef-inspired creative energy into her soaps, candles and balms that she put into her bakery and the results are incredible! Her products smell better than conventionally fragranced products and are all natural and made with rich and nourishing animal fats. Here at Urban Farm Collection we are excited to support a small business like Vellum Street who is focused on quality, sustainability and bringing you BEAUTIFUL products at reasonable prices!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The soap smells lightly like marshmallow and is gentle and great for adult or baby skin. Clean without any harmful ingredients. 🩷

Danielle Campeggio
Love this soap!

This soap smells amazing and I love that I can use it for myself and my toddler. I’ve purchased this as a gift multiple times as well! Just keep coming back even after trying other tallow soaps!

Tara S
Smells yummy!

Great soap that leaves my skin feeling soft and smells clean.

Emily Keener
Soooo hydrating!

I love how softening and soothing this soap is for my sensitive skin. The tallow and light, marshmallowy vanilla scent are a big win.