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Fatworks Pure Tallow - Organic Grass-fed

Fatworks Pure Tallow - Organic Grass-fed

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Certified Organic, Non-Gmo, Grass-Fed ,Pasture-Raised Beef Tallow! Given that it's non-inflammatory, boasts a high smoke point, and is just plain delicious, tallow is liquid gold in the kitchen. It is a healthy saturated fat (like olive and avocado oils), an excellent source of cancer-fighting CLAs, and packed with Omega-3s. Tallow has a long shelf life, keeping a year outside the fridge, even longer in the fridge, and several years in the freezer. The benefits in cooking and in skincare are endless. 

Ingredients: Organic Grass-fed Tallow

Brand Story:

Fatworks has one big fat mission: to educate the mainstream population about the benefits of using REAL cooking oils like tallow, lard, and duck fat while crafting these traditional fats the most natural way possible. For years fat has been marginalized, (not to mention margarinized), maligned, slandered, beat up, picked on and falsely accused! But no longer: Fatworks has made it their mission to bring back traditional fat. But not just any fat, mind you. We’re talking about pasture raised, non-GMO fat raised from animals free from antibiotics and hormones. Just how it should be. We are proud and excited to stock such high-quality fats here at Urban Farm Collection. Every jar is full of fat gathered from small, responsible farms working hard to swim against the current of the commercial market; all while maintaining the dignity of farming and true nutrition. That’s worth a big fat hooray! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sharom Ott
Healthy fat :)

It is perfect for any recipe, replaces any other oil. And shipping was extremely fast! I'm very grateful!

Laura Beth
Makes cooking so much better!

I have been searching for a nice organic cooking fat and decided to try this on a whim. I am so impressed!