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Fatworks Leaf Lard - Organic

Fatworks Leaf Lard - Organic

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Leaf lard is the highest grade of lard; gathered from the fat surrounding the kidneys and loin of the pig. Consider it one step up from your bacon drippings at home. Light pork flavor, and delicious to cook with. Its high smoke point makes it versatile and dependable, no matter the dish. 

Keto and Paleo folks love it for its healthy fat profile. Bakers love it for producing moist, flaky pastries. Your endocrine system will love it for its healthy cholesterol which aids in regulating hormones and reducing inflammation. 

Dismissed and denigrated no longer; Lard is not what those phony "food pyramid" architects told us it was! Quality animal fats > seed oils, any day of the week. 

Ingredients: Organic Kettle-Rendered Leaf Lard

Brand Story:

Fatworks has one big fat mission: to educate the mainstream population about the benefits of using REAL cooking oils like tallow, lard, and duck fat while crafting these traditional fats the most natural way possible. For years fat has been marginalized, (not to mention margarinized), maligned, slandered, beat up, picked on and falsely accused! But no longer: Fatworks has made it their mission to bring back traditional fat. But not just any fat, mind you. We’re talking about pasture raised, non-GMO fat raised from animals free from antibiotics and hormones. Just how it should be. We are proud and excited to stock such high-quality fats here at Urban Farm Collection. Every jar is full of fat gathered from small, responsible farms working hard to swim against the current of the commercial market; all while maintaining the dignity of farming and true nutrition. That’s worth a big fat hooray! 

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