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Katydid Hill Farm

Katydid Hill Farm Rosey Applemint - Organic Herbal Tea

Katydid Hill Farm Rosey Applemint - Organic Herbal Tea

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25 grams tea in glass jar

An organic herbal tea for celebrating, grown by Katydid Hill Farm!

Tasting notes: Rose, mint + citrus.

Soak in the big little moments with the uplifting taste of an apple blossom bouquet in a teacup. Certified Organic and 100% Pennsylvania grown, dried and bottled on Katydid Hill farm.

Ingredients: Rose geranium, applemint, lemon verbena

The Benefits...

Rose Geranium tea doesn't only taste good and smell brilliant, but it is also known for its surprising health benefits. Being used as a medicinal herb and a popular garden plant, this evergreen perennial has been very well known in the field of herbal medicine for centuries. It has been known to help lower stress, aid in digestion, boost immunity, and reduce inflammation.

Applemint is widely used as a medicinal tea. The leaves of apple mint are dried and then brewed and have been known to help with fevers, headaches, inflammation, various digestive problems and other minor ailments.

Lemon Verbena has an extremely strong lemon aroma, giving tea a nice citrusy flavor. N Not only does lemon verbena taste and smell amazing, it has been known to help reduce inflammation and sooth respiratory problems. Traditionally, this tea has also been used as a soothing sleep aid to overcome symptoms of insomnia.

Brand Story: Katydid Hill is a farmer owned herbal tea apothecary where they are committed to growing 100% of the herbs in their teas and elixirs. Chamomile is a favorite crop to grow at Katydid Hill, and they specialize in crafting the most aromatic and flavorful cup of chamomile tea you’ve ever had. Katelyn and Ben, the faces behind Katydid Hill, believe that the flavor is the medicine and craft each blend to delight, uplift, or simply meet you where you are at. Katelyn and Ben are partners in love and farming, and Katydid Hill grew out of their love of growing herbs on their land and creating space where tea is shared. Pour a cup!


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Customer Reviews

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Danielle Smythe
Top quality

You can immediately tell how FRESH this tea is! This blend is very subtle, so if you’re looking for something with more punch I’d favor another blend, but it’s very light and refreshing!