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Roots to Remedies

Roots to Remedies Terminate: Adult Parasite Cleanse Tincture

Roots to Remedies Terminate: Adult Parasite Cleanse Tincture

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Struggling with candida? Parasites? Bacterial overgrowth? Try this powerful cleanse! Packed with potent anti-parasitical herbs, Terminate is crafted to target unwanted bacterial, fungal, or parasitical growth in the gut and beyond for whole body wellness. These amazing herbs attack and defend against invaders like candida, worms, and viruses to cleanse, combat, and prevent overgrowth.

The Benefits

Wormwood is used to eliminate intestinal worms, especially roundworms and pinworms. It is a great herb to kill bacteria and fungi.

Black Walnut is one of nature’s most powerful disease fighters. The Husk is an incredible anti candida solution. It contains an active ingredient known as juglone, which is a very effective anti fungal. It has high proportions of natural tannins which destroy parasites, yeast, and fungus.

Cat’s Claw Bark contains alkaloids that strengthen your white blood cells, allowing them to attack foreign invaders such as candida, as well as other fungi, viruses and bacteria. The antioxidant properties are effective at combating free radicals found in the blood stream.

Pau D’ Arco Bark has beta-lapochone present which inhibits the enzymes in virus cells. The virus is no longer able to take control over the reproductive processes of the cell, so it can neither replicate itself or infect other cells. Due to its antioxidant effects it helps the body fight candida.

Cascara Sagrada stimulates wavelike contractions of the large intestine. It has been used to expel parasites through these wavelike actions in the lower intestines. It also has antiviral properties.

Garlic is known to slow and kill more than 60 types of fungi and 20 types of bacteria, as well as some of the most potent viruses know to humans. It is also known for killing parasites, controlling secondary fungal infections, detoxifying while gently stimulating elimination, and has antioxidant properties to protect against oxidation resulting for parasite toxins.

Ingredients: Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)*, Black Walnut Hull (Juglans nigra)*, Wild Harvested Cat’s Claw Bark, Wild Harvested Pau D’ Arco Bark, Wild Harvested Cascara Sagrada Bark, Garlic (Allium sativum)*, Alcohol, Filtered Water

* Certified Organic Ingredient



25-30 drops daily. 14 days on, 7 days off, 14 days on and then stop taking until next cleanse.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*** Not intended for use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

After completing this cleanse, I felt like my body was fnx’ing at a higher tempo in a good way. So i bought more of it to have on hand for the next cleanse

Misti Bullen
Great product! Easy and gentle!

I have never done a parasite cleanse before and was super nervous about embarking on it! However, I knew I needed to give it a try as I was experiencing some symptoms of having parasites. Ordered it and received very quickly. I adhered to the recommended regimen and I have not had any more of the symptoms that I was experiencing previously. Super happy, I just took it with water and got used to the taste. Highly recommend!

Never even received the product

Still havent received my order. When I inquired as to why, I was given a cold response and told to take it up with the post office. Still haven't received my item. Reordered if from another company.

You wrote me an email a week after your order because it still hadn't arrived. I kindly informed you that I got your order off to USPS the next day and in your tracking USPS was saying it was 'delayed'. I am a small business and cannot immediately refund something after only a week, when it was just saying delayed (no fault of mine) and there was still a good chance it would get delivered. I told you, that you should file a claim with USPS to let them know. Turns out USPS was having record delays and products were getting caught up in regional facilities. This is absolutely no fault of the small business who sent the product. You then preceded to file a paypal dispute. I watched your package and it did end up getting delivered (still less than a month after it was ordered) it was just part of the nationwide delays. It's a shame you would give a negative review on a product of a small business that had absolutely nothing to do with the delay of your order. Regardless, I'm glad you did in fact get your order and hope you enjoy the product and would suggest in future that you purchase from large corporations like amazon if are not able to have grace and understanding for small family run businesses. Best to you.

Brie Peters
Gentle cleanse

This is the first time I have done a cleanse like this. It has worked and has been gentle with minimal side effects. I will definitely be using this product again in the further.