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The Homestead Sourdough Cookbook

The Homestead Sourdough Cookbook

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Enjoy mouthwatering recipes as you learn how to create a sustainable starter, discover what supplies you need and where to get them, and gain the know-how to bake delicious sourdough breads, biscuits, bagels, buns, and more! 

Why Sourdough?

Making your own bread is an incredibly simple and satisfying experience. Not only will you be saving money, but homemade sourdough bread is much healthier and easier for your gut to digest. Modern day bread is a far cry from the bread our ancestors ate, which historically has always been fermented or sprouted. Not only does conventional bread have more gluten than the bread of our ancestors, (wheat today is bred for higher gluten content to make it fluffier... with no concern to how it affects our guts) conventional bread is also FULL of all sorts of preservatives, additives, gums, sugar, and even artificial flavors.

Making your own bread is a simple way to save money in your grocery budget while easing the burden on your gut.

Benefits of Sourdough

More digestible: The fermentation process involved in sourdough helps break down the gluten, making it easier to digest.

Lower Glycemic Index: Sourdough bread has a lower glycemic index than commercial bread, meaning it won't raise your blood sugar levels as rapidly as conventional white bread.

Healthy Bacteria: Sourdough starter naturally contains millions of prebiotic and probiotic bacteria. While the probiotic bacteria is destroyed in the heating process when baking, the prebiotics remain.

Nutritional Value: While wholegrain breads do contain nutrients and minerals, they also contain phytates which can block their absorption. The fermentation process of sourdough helps break down they phytates making the vitamins and minerals easier for the body to absorb.

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Customer Reviews

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Gift for my DIL and she loved it!

Rochelle C.
Great starter sourdough book!

Thank you for including a great sourdough starter literature in your shop! I wanted something tangible that wasn’t just my phone for some instruction and recipes and this book was a great addition for my order! So far I have tried the pizza dough (which you can freeze for later use… gamechanger) and a cheddar jalepeño sourdough recipes and they were both a hit!!