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Vellum Street

Vellum Street Tallow Lip Balm

Vellum Street Tallow Lip Balm

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Each lip balm is 0.25oz ~ All the incredible benefits of tallow, crafted into the most nourishing lip balm. These babies are beyond your wildest middle-school-lip-smacker-era dreams! Trust me, you'll be tempted to bite into 'em. 

Tallow is rich in the same types of lipids found in youthful, vibrant skin and is packed full of Vitamins A, D, E, and K. The fatty acids in tallow are more bioavailable than plant based oils because tallow is much closer in molecular structure to the oils our own skin produces. It is deeply moisturizing and works miracles on many skin types! Your face, body, hair, and lips will love you for it. 


Cherry Wooder Ice:  tallow, jojoba, beeswax, cherries, tart cherry & almond extract, vanilla absolute, red sandalwood, cherry wood, cherry blossom, St John’s Wort, madder root, alkanet, corn silk

Blood Orange Bourbon:  tallow, jojoba, beeswax, essential oils (bergamot, patchouli, cedar, clove, vetiver), calendula, spent bourbon grains, turmeric, paprika, annatto, corn silk, dried blood orange peel

Lemon Ginger Oatmeal:  tallow, jojoba, beeswax, essential oils (lemon, ginger), vanilla absolute, calendula, lemon & ginger peel, oats, turmeric

Matcha Mint Rose: tallow, jojoba, beeswax, essential oils (spearmint, rose geranium), rose absolute, calendula, spinach, matcha, rose petals, spearmint leaves

Rosemary Chamomile:  tallow, jojoba, beeswax, essential oils (rosemary, German chamomile), vanilla absolute, calendula, rosemary, chamomile, potato peel, indigo

Lavender Marshmallow:  tallow, jojoba, beeswax, essential oils (Bulgarian lavender), calendula. alkanet, dried lavender, marshmallow root

Prickly Pear & Hibiscus:  tallow, jojoba, beeswax, essential oils (tea tree, lime, coriander), calendula, hibiscus, prickly pear (dried & oil), rose kaolin clay

Campfire:  tallow, jojoba, beeswax, essential oils (fir needle, birch tar, cedar), calendula, smoked sea salt, activated charcoal, fir needles, birch bark, white oak

Fat marshmallow: tallow, beeswax, vanilla bean, marshmallow root, arrowroot

Brand Story: Vellum Street was founded by Melissa Torre, who after battling a misdiagnosed autoimmune disease for decades, trying all conventional medicine had to offer, began to realize the connection between disease and our toxic food and personal care products. Melissa became a chef focused on both nutrition and food sustainability. She competed in shows like Cupcake Wars and Chopped, while owning her own organic and sustainably minded bakery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While she poured her heart and soul into her bakery, her body was suffering from skin conditions and chronic joint and nerve pain from daily exposure to wheat. For the sake of her health, she closed her bakery and began experimenting with skincare to treat the eczema, psoriasis and hives brought on by her autoimmune condition.... and Vellum Street was born! Melissa puts the same chef-inspired creative energy into her soaps, candles and balms that she put into her bakery and the results are incredible! Her products smell better than conventionally fragranced products and are all natural and made with rich and nourishing animal fats. Here at Urban Farm Collection we are excited to support a small business like Vellum Street who is focused on quality, sustainability and bringing you BEAUTIFUL products at reasonable prices!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fat marshmallow is the best

The fat marshmallow is the best lip balm in the world hands down. And I've tried a ton. The lavender is also dreamy. I will say I didn't like the other flavors I tried, they are almost powdery scents.

Jenna Smith
Best lip balm on earth.

I have tried dozens of lip balms and have never once had relief from chapped lips in the last twenty years. I've had the worst chapped lips for decades.

Until Fat Marshmallow. I apply this before bed, it is SO DELICIOUS, seriously try not to eat it. And I wake up with my lips still coated, moisturized as ever, and within a few weeks of using this never have one little chapped spot ever. I have been using this a long time and will always use it.

Bonus - I throw this in my purse and it is MAGIC for fixing bobos, bites, dry hands.. My four year old will even ask for it for her lips or rash. It cured a red spot around her lips from her habit of licking her mouth literally overnight. She loves this stuff, among many products that she has always refused. Its truly the best.

Kimberly Bird
Soft lips

Everyone in my family has fallen in love with these lip balms!

Tara S
Love this lip hydrator

I carry one in my purse and have another at work! Keeps my lips soft and hydrated. So clean and you're not getting any yucky chemicals! Love the lemon ginger oatmeal & prickly pear and hibiscus.