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Wild Foods

Wild Foods CocoTropic Wild Superfood Elixir Cocoa Drink

Wild Foods CocoTropic Wild Superfood Elixir Cocoa Drink

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8 oz

The coziest, warmest, and most chocolate-y cup of shroomy superfood!

CocoTropic Cocoa mushroom elixir is the hot chocolate of our dreams. Chaga and reishi mushrooms offer a gentle boost in mood and focus, and sustained energy without the typical coffee-crash. Turmeric and raw maca root bring anti-inflammatory and hormone balancing benefits. This blend is coffee free, with only ~8mg of caffeine from the cocoa itself. This is a great replacement for anyone looking to cut back on the joe. 

CocoTropic is also sugar free, for you to sweeten as you please. Our favorites additions are raw honey and pure maple syrup. You can make a classic hot chocolate, a frothy latte, and even add it into smoothies and raw desserts. (Think frostings, overnight oats, and puddings!) 



Organic cocoa powder, organic reishi extract (356mg), organic chaga extract (356mg), organic maca powder (356mg), organic turmeric powder (214mg)

All ingredients are non-GMO, gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, soy-free, and organic certified. 



Reishi Mushroom

  • May contain cancer-preventative and cancer fighting properties
  • Can reduce fatigue and lethargy associated with depression 
  • Can provide long-lasting and balanced energy
  • May improve immune function
  • Can alleviate stress, fatigue, and feelings of anxiety 

Chaga Mushroom

  • May help fight inflammation
  • Shows great potential to fight several types of cancer
  • May help reduce blood sugar levels and improve insulin resistance
  • High in antioxidants

Maca Root

  • Rich in disease-fighting antioxidants
  • May enhance energy mood, and memory
  • Can balance female hormones and reduce symptoms of menopause
  • May improve male fertility
  • Can help reduce symptoms of PCOS and improve reproductive health in women


  • Natural anti-inflammatory powerhouse
  • Can increase the body's capacity for antioxidants; protects against free radicals
  • May be effective in delaying or even reversing many brain diseases
  • May lower risk of heart disease
  • Can work as a cancer-preventative
  • Studies show that Alzheimer's patients respond well to it, due to anti-inflammatory properties 


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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