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Wild Magnesium Complex - 60 count

Wild Magnesium Complex - 60 count

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60 capsules

This complex contains SEVEN forms of bioavailable Magnesium, for maximum absorption. We love this supplement!

More about Magnesium:

Magnesium is an essential mineral in over 300+ biochemical processes in the human body. When you are low in magnesium, your body is strained. It's largely missing from our Western diet, due to depleted soils and an excess of calcium, which reduces magnesium absorption and retention when magnesium intake is already low. Magnesium regulates sleep, inflammation, digestion and stress in the body, and deficiency has been linked to many different chronic health issues. 

Our soils are depleted of minerals like magnesium due to mass-scale poor farming practices. Produce 50 years ago was a much more reliable source of magnesium than produce now! In addition, our diets tend to include a lot of calcium, which is artificially added to many foods in excess. (Think: typical vitamin enriched milk, boxed cereals, breads, and multivitamins.) Calcium is great, but out of balance it becomes a problem and reduces our ability to retain magnesium. It's crucial to be mindful of this, and supplement with magnesium as needed. 

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